25 August 2010

Christians in Community

Lately, I have been hearing the call, feeling the pull… Oh, it is very faint and gentle – but I sense it nonetheless. It is the pull to gather with others; To simplify. I have a longing to share – share myself, who I really am, to experience real relationships without all the trappings of class and status and other man-made constructs that get in the way of living and loving each other as God intended. There is also and element of wanting to withdraw a bit from the madness and filth that surrounds us and that I see only getting worse in the days ahead.

Referring to Babylon we can read:

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
– Revelation 18:4

But really, it is more a pull to than a pull from. A pull to gather. Together. In community. Christian Community.

And I am not the only one who is hearing and feeling it. Others are as well. Could there be something to this? Could this be God speaking in a whisper? “…Come out of her, my people”

Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD's anger come upon you. Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD's anger. – Zephaniah 2:1 – 3

Recently, my wife and I met with five other Christian families to discuss what we are calling CiC – Christians in Community. We are basically trying to get a handle on what a Christian Intentional Community would look like. How would it work? How could we (none of whom are made of money) possibly make something like this happen? What would be the pitfalls?

I know this – I really enjoyed just sitting in that living room having adult conversation that was Christ-centered in that we are all seeking His will and guidance, and yet open and free enough to let each person discuss his or her thoughts and feelings even if they were different from those of others.

Question on psychological tests: I am happiest when _________________.

I’ll tell you this, I feel very happy when I am gathered together with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and, instead of following our agenda – we are allowing Him to guide and lead us. I am very happy when I am focused on Christ and God’s love for me and you instead of the world.

I believe I could be very happy living in a Christ-centered community that was mostly “self-sufficient” (God sufficient), where Brothers and Sisters worked side by side, played together, shared, and yet still had private spaces and time – as and when they saw fit.

I would like to be living in a Christian Community.


  1. I am with you there! I miss the community of Friars I used to live with, and have been feeling a STRONG pull to create a new such community, this time with the proper set up in place, and bring that community into play to do God's Work. Community in Christ is very important, and makes us each stronger when we work together in Christ!

  2. I'm hearing that this idea has some legitmate pushback in certain quarters. I think that it is possible (and often happens) that people decide the formula for doing community and then start building an institution. Very soon the thing that God was perhaps drawing together becomes lost in rules and regulations. Healthy families seem to allow space for different seasons and different callings while never ceasing to live in each others lives. Psalms 127:1